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Site under construction 16-6-2015

  • Transported Australia Wide

  • Prefabricated Office Complex

  • Customised designs

  • Transported Australia Wide


Site under construction  16-6-2015


Modular buildings offering unlimited options


Modular building designs are so flexible they can be converted from a smaller studio unit to an  By using your ideas and our experience we can custom build to your needs, desires and budget, factoring in the added bonus that you can relocate your dream building in the future no matter where you go.


Sitecabins Australia modular buildings are standard C2 wind rated,  this means our buildings have been engineered for almost anywhere in Australia.  Built on Steel skids our standard cabins are easily transported without the cost of escort vehicles and transport permits. 



Transportable buildings often referred to as Donga's

Often referred to as Dongas, transportable buildings have come along way in the last few years, from that tiny tin shed.  Our staff will work with you do design a modern building to suit you needs, be it open plan multi-modular living with wide decks or home office with all the modern inclusions.